Worth It: Business Leaders: Ready. Execute. Deliver.

Product image 1Worth It: Business Leaders: Ready. Execute. Deliver. - Leadership Books
Product image 2Worth It: Business Leaders: Ready. Execute. Deliver. - Leadership Books

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Are you building a business and life truly worth everything you're pouring into them? In "Worth It", author, attorney, and CEO Jeana Goosmann shares a wildly powerful framework for making sure your answer is always, “Yes.” Through years of building a world-class law firm, navigating high-stakes negotiations with millions on the line, and making cases for big trial wins, Goosmann has honed the R.E.D. Philosophy, which colors everything she does.R.E.D.—ready, execute, deliver—is a practical way of living and leading for peak performance and high impact. Inside, you will learn:✅The five key DNA traits of top-performing entrepreneurs✅A fire-hardened process for winning every negotiation✅The truth about work-life balance (and what actually works for achievers)✅How to craft strategies that put you miles ahead of competitors✅Why some cultures cause companies to thrive (and how to create them)✅And more . . .Now, are you ready to execute on the inspiring vision, deliver big wins, and build a life and business that’s worth it?


Jeana Goosman is the chief executive officer, managing partner and founder of Goosmann Law Firm, one of the fastest-growing law firms in the United States. She is a media contributor and event speaker. Jeana was selected as the top 1% in the National Association of Distinguished Counsel. She advises business leaders who want to level up to… BE WORTH IT.


"As a university professor who has literally read and evaluated thousands of papers and manuscripts, I can recommend Jeana's book to you. You will learn to win and achieve your own goals by embracing Jeana's wisdom. Reading and studying her book is worth it."
- WILLIAM D. DANKO, PH.D. Coauthor of "The Millionaire Next Door", and "Richer Than A Millionaire ~ A Pathway To True Prosperity"
"If you're going to pour in your heart, sweat and life savings into a business, then you had better have the right guide. Jeana Goosmann makes WORTH IT - worth it!"
- JEFFREY HAYZLETT Primetime TV & Radio Host, Speaker, Author and Part-Time Cowboy
"I will implement the Ready, Execute, Deliver mindset in my current business to increase my market share, WORTH IT has opened up my creativity to do more by concentrating on what is important and letting go what is not."
- VAN DEEB Author and CEO of DEEB Companies
"Jeana knows how to launch and grow a thriving business."
- LISA GUERRERO Chief Investigative Correspondent of Inside Edition

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