The Working Mom Blueprint: Winning at Parenting Without Losing Yourself

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Learn how to thrive—not just survive— as a modern mom. You love your kids. You’re proud of your professional accomplishments. You have hobbies and friends. And you’re tired. So tired. Working moms often feel like they’re failing on many different fronts. But what if there was a guide to reenvisioning, reprioritizing, and restructuring to build a vibrant, intentional life? As a practicing pediatrician and mother of 2 young daughters, Dr. Whitney Casares understands balancing family and career. She shares honest insights about her own challenges combined with her professional expertise about children of working moms—they thrive!—to create a reassuring guide to navigating modern motherhood. In this practical plan, you’ll learn to set priorities, cultivate self-care, establish an equal parenting partnership, delegate whenever appropriate, and more. With help from Dr. Casares’ advice, it’s time to make motherhood joyful again.


Whitney Casares, MD, MPH, FAAP, is a board-certified, practicing pediatrician and the creator of the popular website She is the mother of 2 young daughters and lives in Portland, OR. She completed her medical school training at The University of Vermont and her pediatrics residency at Stanford University. She also holds a Master’s of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health from The University of California, Berkeley. Her books, "The New Baby Blueprint," and "The Working Mom Blueprint," help modern parents go from surviving to thriving as they care for their little ones. Dr. Casares' mission is to help parents win at parenting without losing themselves, especially in the baby and toddler years.

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