The Nibble Theory And The Kernel Of Power

Product image 1The Nibble Theory And The Kernel Of Power - Leadership Books
Product image 2The Nibble Theory And The Kernel Of Power - Leadership Books

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Like a snowflake or a fingerprint, we are all one of a kind and have a special contribution to make. The late Kaleel Jamison, one of the first women to enter the field of management consulting, experienced what she described as "nibbles," little bites that life takes out of you--really attacks on your self confidence. Her longtime best selling book, The Nibble Theory, is a process for dealing with the world that moves the reader toward personal power and growth arising out of the unique values and strengths of each person.


Kaleel Jamison (1931-1985) was a pioneer in the field of applied behavioral sciences, focusing on strategic change methodology that used diversity as a catalyst for total organizational improvement. Her work in diversity continues through The Kaleel Jamison Consulting Group, Inc., and the Kaleel Jamison Foundation, Inc.


The concepts were simple, yet we often have a hard time applying them to our own lives. Don't allow others to hurt you in order to make themselves feel better. Push yourself to grow in healthy ways. Helping others to grow makes everyone better. It doesn't minimize one person to maximize another. 
- P J LaRue

I teach at a university and have several copies of this book on hand throughout the semester for students to borrow and read. Each of my graduating interns gets a copy for their graduation gift and I have a drawing to give one away for each class as well. Students have commented on how wonderful the book is. I loved it as well and reread it every year before my new cohort of interns start. It has helped me be a better preceptor and helps me to remember to let others grow!
- Bonnie J Ervin

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