The Lost Art Of Relationship: A Journey To Find The Lost Commandment

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Relationship is a journey of discovery--a lost art. In this generation, it has become challenging to deepen and grow personal relationships with each other. Our technology-flooded environment has left many with limited relational experience and a fear of face-to-face connection and meeting new people.

The church has done a decent job of helping people understand the need and importance of a relationship with God, but what about with each other? At the heart of every man, woman, and child is the need for connection--for relationships with people who love them for who they are.

In The Lost Art of Relationship, Dan Chrystal tackles the heart of relationship based on the time-honored instruction to "love our neighbor as we love ourselves." But what does that mean? How do we live out this odd instruction? Who is my neighbor, anyway? What makes relationships healthy, and what makes them fail? Through Dan's personal stories and difficult life lessons, you will come away encouraged, inspired, and motivated to love those in your life more fully. If you desire deep and meaningful connections, now is the time to discover the lost art of relationship.



Dan Chrystal is serving on the leadership team of THRIVE Conferences ( and one of the pastors at Bayside Church serving directly under the leadership of founding/lead pastor Ray Johnston, Dan is passionate about helping others love their neighbors as themselves. He is a dedicated life, career, and couples coach, holds an MBA in Executive Leadership from Purdue Global University and is currently studying Law at Concord University. Dan’s ministry background has taken him from the east coast to the west coast where he has served as Lead Pastor, Church Planter, Executive Pastor, Youth Pastor and also Executive Director of a California non-profit. He is a coach/consultant for hundreds of churches, small businesses, and people looking to grow their influence.

Dan has written a book entitled The Lost Art of Relationship, and a partner book called Discussions for Better Relationships: An 8-Week Group Study Guide.


Our churches are packed with people who claim to believe in Jesus...but don't actually do anything he said! This book will make you laugh and cry. It will make you look at things in a fresh new way. And it will definitely make you uncomfortable. Which might be a good thing because ultimately Dan calls us to live, love, and lead like the Jesus we claim to follow.
RAY JOHNSTON, author of The Hope Quotient and founding and lead pastor at Bayside Church, Roseville, California

Most Christian books are about our most important vertical relationship--us and God--but this book explores what those books don't: the horizontal relationship we are called to as human beings--the relationships we must have with one another. Indeed, this is a lost art that Dan recovers and teaches us about with heart and logic at every turn. I highly recommend it!
— MARK CLARK, author of The Problem of God and lead pastor at Village Church, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Dan has the gift of risk-taking in seeking out and building relationships. As he writes in this book, step one in building relationships is noticing someone, the last step if you get that far is you become family. If you want a quick fix to relationships, don't read this book. But, if you want to learn how to build life-long, meaningful friendships, then this book might be for you.

I would recommend this book not because of Dan's deep research into the subject, but because the subject matter is deeply in him. Dan has made his life's journey living out The Lost Art of Relationship.
— DR. SAM HUDDLESTON, Assistant Superintendent Assemblies of God, Northern California District, and author of Five Years tLife

The Lost Art of Relationship is a fun and fascinating read that reveals stunning insights for loving people and cultivating relationships. It's easy to focus all of our Christian walk on developing relationship with God to the point that we forget to apply God's command in loving others. Loving others is not easy, and sadly, many Christians don't do it well. Dan beautifully illuminates our kingdom mandate while providing brilliant insights, practical steps, engaging stories, and revelations at every turn. Particularly revelatory are the pitfalls and mistakes so many of us make that cost us vibrant and healthy relationships. If you want to fulfill the commandment of loving others (and do it well), this book is a must-read.
ERIC KNOPF, co-founder of Webconnex LLC and founder of Epic Life

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