The Executive Diet: Executive Essentials

Product image 1The Executive Diet: Executive Essentials - Leadership Books
Product image 2The Executive Diet: Executive Essentials - Leadership Books

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“We are all unlimited beings, limited by the concepts of limitations you hold in mind”- Lester Levenson Take this opportunity to uncover your limitations allowing you to create unlimited people and results. On the 12th of February 2013, thirteen of today’s thought leaders gathered in one room to share ideas. The Executive Diet was born, Just like any diet requires consistent exercise of new disciplines to get amazing results. Learn these new disciplines and put them into action intentionally and constantly over the next 90 days and reap the rewards. Why 90 days? Because it takes 90 days to create new habits. These new habits will help you design and create the success you desire.


David Hyner and Charlotte Sweeney, 13 of the worlds top thought leaders, speakers and coaches at the top of their professions decided to share some of the ideas that helped them achieve success. We hope to see you at the top.

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