The Dignity Mindset: a Leader's Guide to Building Gender Equity at Work

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Gender inequality is one of the most serious problems facing US businesses today. Inequality lowers profits, stifles creativity, and causes high employee turnover. Companies struggle to find and retain talented women, and women who land top positions often feel alienated at work. Something has to change. Leaders need an entirely new way of thinking about gender equality. That's what you'll find in this book. The Dignity Mindset offers leaders an innovative, paradigm-shifting approach to facilitate gender equality. By adopting a Dignity Mindset, leaders can replace outdated belief systems with groundbreaking perspectives that recognize the common worth and needs of all employees. In The Dignity Mindset, veteran executive coach Susan Hodgkinson shows how gender-biased forces harm organizations. And her groundbreaking Dignity Mindset Toolkit provides a comprehensive roadmap that guides leaders in creating gender-balanced organizations wherein all employees-women and men-can contribute at their highest levels while maximizing business success.


Susan Hodgkinson is author of The Dignity Mindset: A Leader’s Guide to Building Gender Equity at Work (2019), a trailblazer in personal branding and founder The Personal Brand Company. She is a leadership development expert, award-winning executive coach, and professional speaker.

She works with thousands of professionals in a diverse array of businesses who know they must strategically manage their own professional learning, leadership development and personal brand to succeed — for their company and themselves. She is the author of The Leader’s Edge: Using Personal Branding to Drive Performance and Profit. The book received the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award. She published her second book, The Dignity Mindset: A Leader’s Guide to Gender Equity at Work in August, 2019.

She is a keynote speaker at National Conferences such as TOIGO Groundbreakers, and at corporate leadership events in industries ranging from financial services to biotech. She is a Featured Speaker at the 2020 Open Lecture Series at ESMT University, Berlin, Germany. Hodgkinson is one of the CUTV News “Empowered Women” Series Spotlighters in 2020.

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