The Business Leader's Health Manual

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Many business leaders do not take care of their health. Each chapter of this interactive manual explores an aspect of the health and vitality of the modern business leader, and provides solutions based on up-to-date medical science and more than 20 years' experience at INSEAD with more than 75,000 corporate executives.


JULIETTE MCGANNON, RM, CFI, is the Managing Director of the MIPH (McGannon Institute of Proactive Health), based in Nice, France, as well as the Director of the Leader's Health Programme (LHP) at INSEAD. She received her training in California in nutrition and physiology and her field of expertise is fitness prescription and effective stress management. She is the innovator of S.M.A.R.T. (Stress Management And Relaxation Techniques), the Forest& Paris Expeditions (Team Building) and Yoga for Managers modules. These modules have been enjoyed by over 75, 000 international managers from over 40 countries. Her audio CD, Managing Personal& Professional Balance during Life's Hurricanes has brought welcome relief to tens of thousands of managers. Her present research project is focussed on the techniques that optimally balance the left and right brains during stressful moments.

DR MICHAEL MCGANNON, MD is a specialist in preventative medicine, particularly as it applies to business life. He holds a doctorate in medicine from Georgetown University (Washington, DC, USA) and a post-doctoral research fellowship in Gastroenterology (Digestive Diseases) from Stanford University Medical Center (California, USA). He has also written extensively at the health/business interface for such international publications as The International Herald Tribune (Paris), The Financial Times (London), L'Impresa (Milano), The Business Times (Singapore) among others.


"The McGannons have run a Leader's Health Program (LHP) at INSEAD for the past 20 years with remarkable results. They provided me with a 360° fitness perspective and helped me build even stronger personal momentum. Since meeting them, I have quit smoking and found the motivation to run 7 marathons. Don't have a triple bypass at 50 . . . . read this book!"
– Prof JC Larreché, A.H. Heineken professor of Marketing at INSEAD and author of the best selling The Momentum Effect.

'Leadership is one of these great journeys into your own soul. As we only go around once in life, my voyage thus far has showed me how important the partnership between body& soul is, and in maintaining our optimum physical (health) and well being. This book by Michael and Juliet is a great contribution to the study of leadership & health and will add appreciably to reader's knowledge on this important topic.'
– Mr. Waleed Al Banawi, Vice Chairman, Banawi Industrial Group

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