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If you are a thought leader, speaker, consultant, and author, everything should start with your book. Leadership Books offers a unique, systematic process to our book selling process. This process will deliver 5, 10 or even 30 leads to your CRM each day.

Here is how we do it:

First, we find your perfect audience through our proven strategies, social media, google, email marketing, content marketing and influencer marketing. Then, we present to your audience your unique ideas in your books to turn them into a book buyer.

Next, we nurture them into reading your book and becoming a fan of your ideas, your methods and your systems through more content, endorsements and referrals. Ultimately, they become a fan of YOU! And when your reader raises their hand and says, “I want more” … We present an invitation.

It’s an invitation to meet you … via …

  • A discovery call,
  • An online course,
  • A mastermind,
  • Or, an invitation to a paid speaking engagement.

This is not just another lead magnet scheme. Instead, this is a solid relationship-building system that brings you real contacts into your larger business model.

Think about it…

You will have a different kind of conversation with a reader of your book, a person that is convinced that what you have to offer is what they need and are now ready to engage with you in a meaningful way.

Your first step is to list you book by clicking the “add to cart” button.


    All for a monthly listing fee of $48/Month + standard trade 55% discount just like any other book retailer.

    Plus, we earn 25-30% commission on each booking.


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