SoulTies: Letters of Love

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The death of a loved one is never easy to experience. It is possibly the greatest loss that many people will face in their lifetime.

Those we love have become an integral part of our daily lives and our existence. When they have passed away, we often feel lost or confused. Moving through life without the ability to communicate or interact with them can be devastating.

How we manage to cope with death varies from person to person. Death is a part of life, and learning to live through death is the key. The beauty of life is that those who have passed through our lives are forever tied to our Souls and we will carry them with us as we continue to live.


Troia Butcher is a Transformational Healing Coach, Life Coach, Author, and Transformational Speaker. During her grieving process, Troia realized the church was not addressing her grief properly, and feeling alone propelled her forward. Her unique approach to translating the Word of God and Christian Life Coaching provides results for anyone that feels stuck in life or those who are a beholden to destructive behavior(s). Troia launched Good Grief an online virtual grief support program on FB and YouTube. She offers group and individual Grief Support Sessions.

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