Say It Now! Say It Right!: How to Handle Tough or Tender Conversations

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Keeping silent in critical moments results in lost opportunity, broken relationships, and disastrous decisions. SAY IT NOW! SAY IT RIGHT! is a straightforward look at the problem people and organizations face by not speaking up. Despite the digital revolution, we are connecting more but communicating less. SAY IT NOW! SAY IT RIGHT! gives tips and scripts to find your voice and speak up at those critical moments in a way that your message has impact and acceptance.


Mary J. Nestor has been speaking out all her life, whether in person, print, social media, TV, podcasts, or from the podium as an international, award- winning speaker, consultant, trainer and coach. She shares her own journey and experiences that formed the three principles of honest, timely and heart-motivated communications to deal with life’s tough situations, and how to apply them to solve problems, strengthen relationships, reduce stress and avoid costly mistakes.

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