Revenge of the Nerd

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This hardcover, first edition of Revenge of the Nerd is autographed by Curtis Armstrong.

Risky Business. Revenge of the Nerds. Better Off Dead. Moonlighting. Supernatural. American Dad. New Girl. What do all of these movies and television shows have in common?

Curtis Armstrong.

A legendary comedic second banana to a litany of major stars, Curtis is forever cemented in the public imagination as Booger from Revenge of the Nerds. A classically trained actor, Curtis began his incredible 40-year career on stage but progressed rapidly to film and television. He was typecast early and it proved to be the best thing that could have happened.

But there’s more to Curtis’ story than that.

Born and bred a nerd, he spent his early years between Detroit, a city so nerdy that the word was coined there in 1951, and, improbably, Geneva, Switzerland. His adolescence and early adulthood was spent primarily between the covers of a book and indulging his nerdy obsessions. It was only when he found his true calling, as an actor and unintentional nerd icon, that he found true happiness. With whip-smart, self-effacing humor, Armstrong takes us on a most unlikely journey―one nerd’s hilarious, often touching rise to the middle. He started his life as an outcast and matured into…well, an older, slightly paunchier, hopefully wiser outcast.

In Hollywood, as in life, that counts as winning the game.

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CURTIS ARMSTRONG’s show business career started with Risky Business. It was the first in a string of classic comedy films and TV shows, including Better Off Dead, One Crazy Summer, Moonlighting and, most significantly, Revenge of the Nerds, in which he played the iconic role of Booger. Since then, Armstrong appeared in films and TV shows including Supernatural and New Girl. He co-created and co-hosted the hit comedy-reality show, King of the Nerds, which brought his nerd narrative full circle.


As is the case with most people, I purchased this to read on a flight. I love books by working actors--especially those from the 70s through the 90s who have seen ups and downs and been involved with beloved films. In the pantheon of these kinds of books, I would put books by David Spade and Steve Guttenberg on one side (fairly shallow with few interesting tidbits and only a handful of amazing stories) to The Kid Stays in the Picture by Robert Evans which details the high and low flying life of famed 70s producer Robert Evans. Although Mr. Armstrong did not live the lavish movie producer life of Evans, the descriptions, stories, anecdotes, and descriptions of his characters and roles are stellar. In addition, it is clear that Mr. Armstrong is extraordinarily well read and this translates into his writing. Fantastic read.
-Gordon Shumway

Anyone who has seen and loved any of this movies will want to know more about Curtis Armstrong. Of course, we come to this book looking for all the juicy Hollywood tell-all stories, but what's truly surprising is how interesting the other parts of his life were. Who knew that little "Booger" lived as a young teen in Geneva, of all places? And it is so well written and so funny - like, laugh out loud funny - that you actually want to read it more than once. Definitely a book for nerds - anyone who has been picked on in their youth and got even by becoming a successful adult - but also a book for anyone interested in just a really good read.
-Amazon Customer

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