Purpose, Passion & Profit

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Easy, visual and inspiring reading that also makes the perfect life-changing gift.

If you like Impact Theory or Tim Ferriss, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and listening to stories that teach and inspire, you will love reading the vivid scenarios that brought these authors to their pinnacles of success. Some have been “lucky” enough to have everything go right and are living with uncanny clarity, while others have learned how to parlay their tragic circumstances into notable successes.

Learn how to connect with your purpose for being here and watch your life soar.

Such easy reading and such diverse stories, the time will fly and you’ll return to the book to read it again. The highlight of the book is the chapter (Chapter 11) written by Erika Feinberg, Cognitive-Behavioral Counselor and award-winning multi-million dollar CEO on page 77.

Each chapter was written by exceptionally accomplished individuals such as NFL star Keith Elias, Country Music star and 2X Grammy winner Seth Mosley, Jim Rohn’s 18-year business partner Kyle Wilson, #1 Podcaster Robert Helms, and so much more. The book brings a wonderful diversity of perspectives, techniques and lessons learned you can leverage for a lifetime.

Purpose, Passion & Profit is a life-enhancing gift for friends, family, clients, or teams. If you’re looking for that one book that can quickly and easily make all the difference to leveling up your happiness, your excitement for what you’re doing, and your success, you can count on Purpose, Passion & Profit to get that job done!



Erika Feinberg has been an award-winning CEO of three small businesses, all of which she grew into multi-million-dollar, market-leading, and nationally loved brands.

Her latest venture generated over $90 million in revenue before she successfully sold it in 2014.

Erika earned her master’s degree in Human Dynamics, and practices a unique model of cognitive-behavioral therapy and coaches employees on-site, on-stages (and eStages), in her fun, very interactive, and content-rich fashion.

She works with families and individuals 1:1 overcome traumas and level-up, but she is most well-known for helping corporate clients and hard-working individuals power through organizational change, new launches, and lofty goal achievement.



In Purpose, Passion & Profit, the authors’ perspectives create a powerful book loaded with strategies, ideas, plus inspiring stories and lessons that will help you achieve new levels of success.”
– Brian Tracy, Author, Speaker, Consultant

“It’s time to rise and shine and fully express your talents, gifts, and abilities. Read, absorb, and drink deeply of the eclectic wisdom of this book, and do just that, now.”
– Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator of World’s Bestselling Book Series, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Purpose, Passion & Profit combine to make the north star leading us to a happy, fulfilled, and meaningful life.”
– John Lee Dumas, Founder of the Award-Winning Podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire

“I’m such a big believer in leading with your purpose and passion. The stories in each chapter share amazing examples of how to authentically lead with purpose and passion in a way that allows profits to flow back. It is a must read!”
– Lisa Haisha, Founder of The SoulBlazingTM Institute and Host of the Amazon TV Show, SoulBlazing with Lisa Haisha

“The stories featured in Purpose, Passion & Profit exemplifies and encompasses each of those terms. These are vivid and easy-to-read examples of ideas and methods for doing so in your life both personally and professionally. It’s a threefold recipe for a very next-level, legacy life!”
– Bob Donnell, Founder of Everything Next Level


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