Puppetry Handbook For Christian Leaders

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This book is designed for those who want to start a puppet ministry or for those who want to enhance their existing ministry. It is full of ideas that have been tested for many years and is designed for the trainer. It contains ideas on how to build your own puppet stage, how to start a ministry, history of puppetry, how to train and evaluate potential puppeteers, how to brush up on their skills, with three training skits and illustrations.


At the age of six, Terry Price received his first puppet and puppet stage. As he was growing up, he enjoyed watching television shows, such as: Winchel Mahoney; Kukla, Fran and Ollie; Howdy Doody; Captain Kangaroo; and watching Edgar Bergan perform. He noticed the different types of puppets they used and studied how they used facial expressions and body languages. Terry received Christ as his Savior when he was 13, living in Upland, California. The church he was in, gave him literature that he read and he committed his life to serving Him. Years later, (over twenty years ago,) when Terry was attending Tennessee Temple University, he met some people who worked with puppets as a ministry. They showed him how to make puppets and how to perform with them. They went around to different churches in the Chattanooga area and had an enjoyable time. Later, he also learned what it's like to perform on television, as his puppet group did a guest appearance on a show called Stuff.

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