Life on Pause: Learning to Wait Well

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We live in a world of instant everything, so life pauses seem negative. When our plans are brought to a halt, we’re frustrated. Is waiting ever beneficial? What if pauses ensure protection, provide time for preparation, or help to develop patience? Waiting may be the catalyst for successfully navigating what lies ahead in many areas of life. Pauses bring with them possibilities, possibilities that can lengthen the feeling of anticipation for a purchase, allow our imaginations to run wild with how we're going to spend time with that special someone who got delayed at the airport, and allow us more time to prepare a presentation for that big meeting that got pushed back a few days because one of the key decision-makers fell ill. 

Life pauses seem negative, and we chafe at having our plans and pre-arranged schedules brought to a halt. But what if waiting is beneficial? What if pausing can ensure protection, provide time for preparation, or develop patience?

Let's gain some perspective in Life on Pause as we look at:

  • Trusting God's time frame
  • Relinquishing control
  • Exercising faith
  • Addressing emotions
  • Learning from waiting


Candy Arrington is a writer, blogger, and speaker. She frequently writes on the topics of health, personal growth, faith, and methods for moving through, and beyond, challenging life circumstances. Candy’s publishing credits include nonfiction books and hundreds of articles and stories in numerous print and online outlets including,,,,,, Focus on the Family,, and Writer’s Digest. Her blog, Forward Motion, speaks to maintaining a forward-looking perspective despite challenging circumstances and learning from life situations.

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