Lessons from the Prairie

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This hardcover, first edition of Lessons from the Prairie: The Surprising Secrets to Happiness, Success, and (Sometimes Just) Survival I Learned from America's Favorite Show is autographed by Melissa Francis.

Melissa Francis was only eight years old when she won the role of a lifetime: playing Cassandra Cooper Ingalls on the world’s most famous prime-time soap opera, Little House on the Prairie. Now in Lessons from the Prairie, she shares behind-the-scenes stories from the set, and inspirational yet practical life lessons learned from the show’s dynamic creator, Michael Landon, that have echoed throughout Melissa’s adult life.  She’ll teach you her recipe for turning disaster into golden opportunity;  the psychological (and financial!) benefits of staying positive;  and how to be open to everyday miracles—all while peeling back the curtain of both the legendary Little House series and the wildly popular Fox News phenomenon.  Whether you’re a fan of her television work past or present, you’ll roar at Melissa’s unique brand of self-deprecating humor and walk away with the tools to lead a happier and more successful life.

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Melissa Francis grew up as a child star on Little House on the Prairie. Since then, she has gone on to author the bestselling memoir Diary of a Stage Mother's Daughter and has anchored CNBC's Power LunchThe Call, and On The Money. She currently hosts two daily business shows on the Fox Business Network. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and their three children.


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