Journaling As Sacred Practice

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Take your journaling practice to the next level with 48 intentional writing prompts designed and developed by award-winning author Cynthia Gregory. It turns out that journaling can not only reduce stress, help organize complex ideas, and reduce insomnia by providing a personal, dedicated place to log thoughts, ideas, and brainstorming insights, it can pave the way to becoming more creative, decisive, and productive. Each chapter in this gem of a personal writing course outlines a different aspect of the writing process, including point of view, sensory input, and stream of consciousness writing to access hidden thoughts and shadow motivations, and more. Writing with intention and precise focus sharpens a journal-keeper’s capacity to tap into deeper levels of personal experience, wisdom, and vision.

The process of intentional journaling removes barriers to the creative thought process by eliminating the need for inspiration and diving into the heart of the work without preamble. Informed writing exercises may take the reader outdoors or to an unusual location to mine the environment for insights based on landscape instead of habit. Gregory likens her writing process to an athletic drill in which laser focus, practicing the fundamentals, and performance flow according to meticulous habit. In this way Journaling becomes a workout not unlike going to the gym. Today you work on structure, next you work on detail, finally, you strengthen your narrative muscle and communicate with more powerful prose while eliminating weak, poorly-crafted language.  Whether you’re writing a book to promote and build your business, drafting the story of your family history, or writing your professional memoir, refining the fundamentals of journaling will help articulate your personal brand in a completely unique way.



Cynthia Gregory, MFA,  is an award winning author of short stories. Her work has appeared in a range publications, including The Sun, Glimmer Train, the Briar Cliff Review, Santa Barbara Review, The Ear, and Central PA. She took second place in Writers Digest annual fiction contest, first place in the Glimmer Train Family Matters short story competition, and first place in the Mark Twain Short Fiction Prize. Her nonfiction book, Journaling As Sacred Practice: An Act of Extreme Bravery was published in 2016 under the Green Tara Press imprint. Her collected short stories, What is Possible From Here will be published in 2021, also by Green Tara Press.  Cynthia has taught writing for Rabbit Hill Writers, Web Del Sol, and University of Phoenix. She lives in California’s Sonoma Valley with her rescue pups, Winston the Wonder Dog, and the fabulous Mr. Blue.


Cynthia Gregory is one of the finest writers I know. Her Journaling as Sacred Practice is elegant and will enchant writers as well as readers.
– Jo-Ann Mapson,
LA Times bestselling author of Blue Rodeo, Solomon's Oak, and the forthcoming Love, Fred Astair.
Each chaper is filled with exercises that are insightful, wise, and touched with humor. . .Journaling as Sacred Practice is an indispensable guide for the novice writer and for the published professional.
– Sandra Giedeman, author of In this Hour, Pushcart Prize nominee and past-president of O.C. PEN chapter
I am completely inspired by Cynthia Gregory's book. Her creative challenges and writing samples are a delight. . .she has given me new juice to journal creatively with humor and insight.
– Becca Pronchick, author of No Matter the Question, Meditation is the Answer
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