Jim Marshall: Show Me the Picture: Images and Stories from a Photography Legend

Product image 1Jim Marshall: Show Me the Picture: Images and Stories from a Photography Legend - Leadership Books
Product image 2Jim Marshall: Show Me the Picture: Images and Stories from a Photography Legend - Leadership Books

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This Hardcover Edition of Amelia Davis's Jim Marshall: Show Me the Picture: Images and Stories from a Photography Legend is autographed by Amelia Davis.

Jim Marshall created iconic images of rock 'n' roll stars, jazz greats, and civil rights leaders. He had the power to look into the soul of an individual and to capture the mood of an entire generation. This deluxe, career-spanning volume showcases hundreds of photographs: intimate portraits, heady crowd scenes, and haunting street shots evoking the sights and sounds of the 1960s and 1970s. Marked-up proof sheets offer insight into Marshall's process, while in-depth essays from his contemporaries tell a compelling story about this larger-than-life man. Nearly a decade after his death, Marshall's legacy is the subject of a documentary feature film. This gorgeous collection is a must-have for devoted fans and newcomers alike; a fitting tribute to a true legend.

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Amelia Davis is the owner and manager of Jim Marshall Photography LLC. She lives in San Francisco.


“A few books about Jim Marshall’s work have come out since his death nearly a decade ago, but the newest, Show Me the Picture, is a revelation.… Significantly, the book includes Marshall’s street photography and civil rights-era documentary work from the early ’60s—often riveting pictures that show the 27-year-old Marshall’s pinpoint eye for detail as well as his range as a shooter.… Show Me the Picture is not just a sparkling look back at the work of a legendary photographer, it’s a reminder of the kind of relationship a photographer can have with a subject, and of the magic they can make together.”
Blind Magazine

“You’ve surely seen some of Jim Marshall’s iconic rock photographs, but the sheer breadth of his work is pure ‘wow!’ ”
Zoom Street

“In Jim Marshall: Show Me the Picture, we get a full portrait of a master documentary photographer; a man who captured stunning images at the early stages of the Civil Rights Movement and took that same sense of perspective from the jazz festival and nightclub scenes of the early 1960s through that decade and into the next.”

“In this new book, readers can tag along with legendary rock ’n’ roll photographer Jim Marshall to some of the most incredible concerts of the ’60s and ’70s. Along with his documentation of enigmatic greats like The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, and Ray Charles, Marshall also captured participants in the various social movements and subcultures that changed the world, and readers get an intimate, unfiltered view of these influential political and cultural developments.”
Paste Magazine

“Exquisite, vibey, joyful, and sometimes tear-inducing photos.… While many fans know of Jim Marshall from his brilliant photos of ’60s and ’70s rockers, he was far more than a rock photog, and this career-spanning anthology should surprise and delight readers with its expansive portraiture of jazz icons, political and civil rights events, coal miners, denizens of Times Square, and other subjects.”
Guardians of Guitar

“A masterful compendium of the photographer’s life.… Jim Marshall’s photographs have become a visual diary of the rebellious spirit of rock and roll.”
Huck Magazine

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