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About Ghost Patriot

When the Government decides serving itself and its own interests is more important than serving its citizens, the foundations of the Republic are in the utmost peril, as it begins to crumble away.
Ghost Patriot is a compelling fictional account, torn from modern headlines about the usurping of people’s freedoms, rights, and civil liberties by those who are sworn to uphold those same Constitutionally protected laws. It is the story of America, and how citizens rally to save her.
Follow this unforgettable story of four Patriots and a news reporter who through extreme circumstances were providentially forged to become a unit, who together would restore liberty to the people of a great nation and inspire the rising of her citizens to stop the never-ending destruction.
Ghost Patriot is a fast, action-packed page-turner that every reader will enjoy from start to finish while appreciating the detailed research to bring the story to life.
If you’ve ever wondered what could happen if no one stands up to tyranny and corruption, this eye-opening new book will give you one prediction.


Ghost Patriot is a historical account in a tale of fiction about the War on the American West which has brought Patriots to the Frontlines in droves.
Chapter 1 opens vividly drawing us into the nightmare of a combat zone when suddenly the reader finds themself wide awake snapping back into the real world.
By the second chapter, it becomes clear who the characters are in this indictment of criminals. Ass-hats on high who would, and do prosecute truth from the mainstream media, to those occupying the seats of decision in our halls of government.
This new book from Michael Stickler where the names had to be changed to protect the innocent, specifically the author., a man more than qualified in recounting this tale of American Dissonance that I’ve called the tale of The Tortious and the Hair or Hoof to Hide; the Truth. 
- Vincent Easley II
Ghost Patriot is a book I could not put down. Although I read a lot of books, I never read this type of story, so my expectations were low. However, right from the beginning, the story caught my attention. Every day the news is hard to believe this is happening to America. This book is so perfect for these days. 

The action is realistic, and I kept wondering how it was going to end. You will care about the characters as you get to know them, so the story moves fast. You will want to give this book as a gift when you see how great the story is.

- Dr. Lawrence E. Nelson
Reading the book brought me deeper into the story about a disconnected group of people who were from different backgrounds, but all had a love for their country, friends, and family. Dreams for a better way to live. 
Political conflicts brought them together in a manner that jumped up the intensity of the story.
– Steve Buckley
Ghost Patriot from start to finish is an action-packed, thought-provoking page-turner that you will not want to put down. If you are familiar with the Cliven Bundy standoff and love patriotism at its core, this is a must-read. Definitely on my holiday shopping list!
– Michele Smith
This book kept me spellbound. It’s an awesome read. Michael Stickler nailed the government and the corruption right on point as he writes this action-packed thriller about how at the highest levels in our country deception is everywhere – and those who stand up as true patriots find themselves labeled as enemies or worse yet, terrorists. It is a must-read for anyone who loves freedom, liberty, and the civil rights our country stands for and swears to protect.
– Jerry Brewer




Author Michael Stickler
About the Author:
Michael Stickler is a highly gifted best-selling author, producer, ex-felon, philanthropist, horseman, and internationally sought-after conference speaker. His best-selling book, Cliven Bundy American Terrorist Patriot quickly made the bestseller’s list, revealing the truth of what is extensively and publicly known as the “Bunkerville Standoff.” Mike’s most recent book, Life without Reservation is widely acclaimed in the Christian community.


What Readers Say About Author Michael Stickler
“This book is amazing! I think every American should read it to understand why our founding fathers instituted the 2nd Amendment!! This should be required reading in schools.” – Nadine E.
“Some of the best reading in a long time, sure opens your eyes up
about how crooked our government is.” - Bruce M
“An excellent book! Michael Stickler did a fabulous documentation of the events before, during and after the protest. I followed it all as it happened and was beyond pleased that this book covered so much and in such detail. I have and will continue to recommend it every chance I can including to our public libraries!” – Lynn R.
“It was great - I bought many and sent them out to others. – Charlie M.

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