Faith in the Spotlight

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This first edition of Faith in the Spotlight has been personally signed by Megan Alexander.

Megan Alexander is a national correspondent for Inside Edition and a special correspondent for Thursday Night Football on CBS. In Faith in the Spotlight she shares her practical advice for achieving excellence in career, faith, and family and gives us an honest look at thriving in a secular industry as a believer.

At just thirty-five, Megan Alexander has successfully built a career in the competitive television industry without compromising her faith and values. But while she has experienced the triumphs of that dynamic entertainment lifestyle, she knows how difficult it can be for Christian women to get ahead in their careers and simultaneously navigate their roles at home and in their faith. She offers a fresh and millennial-centered perspective on how to build a successful career while being married and raising a family.

In Faith in the Spotlight, Megan addresses how to succeed in your career while also staying true to one’s beliefs. She gives inspiring, real-life examples of why women can—and should—lead in the workplace. She also shares valuable insight and behind-the-scenes stories from her interviews with famous athletes, media moguls, entertainers, and more. Drawing on her experience, she offers advice for plotting a career path, negotiating job contracts, competing and succeeding with the best and the brightest, and navigating difficult situations while maintaining strong faith and values. She also writes about the importance of mentors, coping with rejection, handling high-pressure situations, and the ways being a Christian fulfills her role in a superficial society. Faith in the Spotlight is an intelligent, thought-provoking book about achieving success, and will leave anyone empowered to dive into their career!

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Megan Alexander is a national news correspondent, host, emcee, speaker, actress, and producer. She can be seen every evening as a correspondent on the top rated national news magazine television show Inside Edition. Megan has also been a special correspondent for CBS Thursday Night Football. She was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, and graduated from Westmont College. Megan splits time between NYC and Nashville, Tennessee. She and her husband have two young sons.


At the highest levels of media and entertainment, personal religious faith is the last thing most people want to talk about these days. But then along comes Megan Alexander, not only talking about her faith, but putting it in the spotlight. Her new book, Faith in the Spotlight is more than inspiring. It's a rare insider's look at the pressure, the intensity, and the impact of navigating a challenging business and having the courage to be who you are. Whether you're an industry veteran or just starting out, this should be required reading. 
Author: Phil Cooke, Filmmaker, Media Consultant, and Executive Producer of Let Hope Rise: The Hillsong Movie

“This book is an excellent and thoughtful read for anyone who desires to work in the Entertainment Industry and beyond. Megan offers superb wisdom and advice.”
Author: Alecia Davis, National Correspondent for Extra!

“This book is great! Real, practical, sound insight from someone who is salt and light in their workplace. Ever since I met Megan I have been impressed by her bold faith.” Author: Luis Palau, International Evangelist and author

“How do we engage the culture? Not retreat, because of what we fear. Not give in, because of what we can’t live without. But be our created selves, where the Creator has placed us. Megan has honestly wrestled with that question from day one. And the fruit is apparent. In her life. In this book. This is a must read!”
Author: Stan D. Gaede, President, Christian College Consortium

“Megan’s book inspires young women to think big and live out their purpose while achieving their dreams! A must read for this next generation.” 
Author: Dana and Ryan Malouff, Lead Pastors of Expressions Church, Austin, TX

"Faith in the Spotlight provides an honest take on what it’s like to be a career woman of faith in the 21st century."
Author: Candace Cameron Bure, actress, author, and co-host of The View

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