Emotional Intelligence In Business

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Product image 2Emotional Intelligence In Business - Leadership Books

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You might think Emotional Intelligence is a trait you´re born with. Scientific studies proof, that after only a few hours practicing Emotional Intelligence with 5-year old's, they noticed a significant improvement. It´s a skill you can develop and improve in a short amount of time, despite your age. That´s why a big part of this book is dedicated to the 4-week EQ booster program, which you can work through in just 20 minutes a day.

In this program, written in plain English, you will be guided day-by-day to improve your self-awareness, empathy and your people management skills.

In the modern workplace, the higher your EQ to higher your earning potential. So don´t wait longer, start reading to get your well-deserved promotion and pay-raise.


R. Stevens

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