Discussions For Better Relationships: 8-Week Group Study

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Our technology-flooded environment has created a generation of people with limited relational experience and a fear of face-to-face connection. Meeting new people and forming deep, personal bonds has become challenging, to say the least. Yet at the heart of every man, woman, and child is the need for relationships with people who love them for who they are.

Discussions for Better Relationships is a study guide based on Dan Chrystal’s The Lost Art of Relationship, designed specifically for people who want to know how to be a better friend and how to relate well to the people in their lives.



Dan Chrystal is serving on the leadership team of THRIVE Conferences (www.ThriveConference.org) and one of the pastors at Bayside Church serving directly under the leadership of founding/lead pastor Ray Johnston, Dan is passionate about helping others love their neighbors as themselves. He is a dedicated life, career, and couples coach, holds an MBA in Executive Leadership from Purdue Global University and is currently studying Law at Concord University. Dan’s ministry background has taken him from the east coast to the west coast where he has served as Lead Pastor, Church Planter, Executive Pastor, Youth Pastor and also Executive Director of a California non-profit. He is a coach/consultant for hundreds of churches, small businesses, and people looking to grow their influence.

Dan has written a book entitled The Lost Art of Relationship, and a partner book called Discussions for Better Relationships: An 8-Week Group Study Guide.


"Dan Chrystal's book, The Lost Art of Relationship, is a tremendous blend of inspiration and practical application. You will never view relationships the same way again."
— Hal Donaldson, Convoy of Hope, author of Disruptive Compassion

"The Lost Art of Relationship is the best practical book on building relationships that I have read this year! Today most people have hundreds of online friends-but no real-life relationships. I have talked to hundreds of people who tell me, 'I can't find friends.' That's why I tell them great friendships are never 'found'-they are 'built.' This book will give you all the tools you need to start building."
— Ray Johnston, Bayside Church, author of The Hope Quotient

"Dan has the gift of risk-taking in seeking out and building relationships. If you want a quick-fix to relationships, don't read this book. But if you want to learn how to build life-long, meaningful friendships, then this book might be for you."
— Dr. Sam Huddleston, author of Five Years to Life

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