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The Bible is full of amazing stories of ordinary people who trusted God and, despite failing once or twice, achieved remarkable things. So why is it that some people in life attain success and others seem to endlessly struggle?

In an inspirational handbook, Pastor Colleen McLean guides leaders who love life and want to make a difference to determine their own attitudes and find freedom in better understanding the contradictions and hypocrisies in Christianity. McLean shares five fabulous foundations of leadership that include admitting mistakes, leading with love, and forgiving others; offers one-liners for all kinds of leaders including parents, philosophers, and coaches; and provides simple answers to many complex questions about God and life. Throughout her guide, McLean offers important Christian messages that emphasize that it is our determination that ultimately pushes us to use our faith to see the impossible, go the distance, know God personally, and seek the truth that sets us free.

Discover Your Determination provides biblical wisdom and step-by-step advice that will help leaders focus on their relationship with God and stay on the right path to salvation.


Colleen McLean

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