Dare to Scale: How to Grow Your Business Gracefully

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Have you ever sat at your desk holding your head in your hands, stressed and wondering what to do next in your business? Do you feel your dreams are on hold due to the constant firefighting? - Feeling lonely at the top - Being close to burnout - Hitting a stress ceiling while scaling your business - Getting the right people - Never-ending task lists Stop. Take a deep breath and open the book because help is at hand. Inside are simple and easy-to-follow concepts to take that next step in your business. Dare to Scale is a milestone book to enable business owners, entrepreneurs, founders, you, to dare to dream big and achieve those dreams.


Warsha Joshi is a business scaling up coach specializing in strategy, people and leadership for the SME founder. Warsha is a business mentor to founder CEOs and is driven by a relentless passion for enabling entrepreneurs to achieve their goals, especially second-generation CEOs of family-run businesses. Warsha loves living in the dynamic city of Dubai with her husband Evan, their three cats, and her two horses. Her treasured moments are early morning ‘thinking times’ spent at the stables looking after her two boys and going out for rides in the crisp dawn.

Evan Le Clus is a senior corporate executive turned entrepreneur and CFO mentor, helping CEOs run profitable and efficient businesses. Evan is a senior corporate executive turned entrepreneur and CFO mentor to founder CEOs, bringing his own style and experience to his mentees. A CPA and commerce graduate, Evan is also a Master Practitioner of NLP and professional certified mBit Coach.

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