Classic Christian Writers Journaling Coloring Book

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Relax and release your stress as you reflect on quotes from heroes of your faith. You will grow in your faith as you read the biblical truths taken from the writings of respected classic Christian leaders, including Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Wesley, William and Catherine Booth, and Oswald Chambers. As you color, reflect on their words of wisdom and then journal your thoughts and insights.


Passio publishes innovative Christian books, e-books, and other forms of media with topics ranging from a deeper relationship with God, to revival, to capturing the essence of authentic faith and passionate spiritual living.

The Passio imprint was born out of Charisma House’s core values and our desire to reach people who are spiritually hungry, are motivated to bring change in their sphere of influence, and desire innovative Christ-centered content that ignites faith and a deeper spiritual passion.

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