Christian Foundation Guide

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Over 200 Foundations
Ready to Give
is available for you.

Some organizations require only that you fill out an online form. This is the opportunity for your organization to find the funding you need…

Here is a useful resource for you to get started. Normally, we sell it for $99 so this is a bargain!

When first introduced in 2007, we sent out ONE email and sold over 5,000 copies for the full price. With this Complete Foundation Guide, you will be able to find the funders that will support the effective evangelistic and humanitarian work your organization is doing.

The funders in this guide have been identified by nearly 20 years of work – funders who give millions of dollars to effective organizations.

But with the pre-sale price of the entire book so low, you'll want to purchase the entire book right now!

Want More? Increase your grant writing skills...

Before you checkout, learn how you can really honing your grant writing skills.

Not only will you receive the Christian Foundation Guide book, but you'll also receive Grant Writing for Christian Ministries and Nonprofit Organizations book.

And as a bonus, the following white papers are included in this package:

1) The Rules of Engagement: How to make your letter of inquiry a winner,
2) Rating & Evaluating Prospects,
3) Types of Federal Assistance,
4) Developing & Writing Grant Proposals.


5) Each Foundation's 990 for further research (ebook).

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