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Product image 2Choose To Succeed - As A Business Leader - Leadership Books

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Choose to Succeed is primarily for leaders and would-be leaders in SME services businesses although the content is relevant to any leader in any business. It covers everything you need to know to start, grow or turnaround your business. It explains how you can make the right choices for you and your business and how best to implement your decisions.

The book is based on a principled approach to fulfilment:
- Respect for the leader and their right to choose
- Knowledge as the source of informed choice
- Change as the way to survive and thrive
- Collaboration as the fuel for creativity and strength
- Leadership as the driver of performance

If you are looking for guidance and want to make your own decisions and take responsibility for the outcomes; if you believe that there is more than one way to succeed and that the best way is to do it your way, then choose to read Choose to Succeed.


Keith J Windsor

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