Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge To Abundance

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Product image 2Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge To Abundance - Leadership Books

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Unlike many other recent Blockchain books focused on describing and defining Blockchain technology from a technical or cryptocurrency perspective, this unique book takes a very different tack: its focus is on how mainstream and marginalized Americans can use blockchain technology and digital assets ethically to create an abundant life.

This book explores what Blockchain technology is doing today and how it can be used to create a better tomorrow.

The book daringly explores how blockchain technology can make a difference in improving America’s education system, cracking the Glass Ceiling, altering employment outlooks, and improving every person’s financial future.

The author examines and explores the business and social impact that open sourced Blockchain technology promises us is possible. And, in turn, discusses how we Americans can take those possibilities to create our economy, country, and lives into bustling meccas of abundance for E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E.

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Jamil Hasan is an international best-selling author on for his book Blockchain Ethics: A Bridge to Abundance, a resilience/recovery coach, and a former corporate technology and finance manager at American International Group, Inc. The son of a first-generation immigrant, Jamil followed in his father’s footsteps earning his college degree from Virginia Tech. Prior to becoming a blockchain consultant in June 2017, Jamil spent over twenty years building and developing operational businesses and leading major data projects at Fortune 500 companies. In 2018, while focusing on reversing his type-2 diabetes of thirteen years, Jamil suffered, survived and recovered from two heart attacks while a stay-at-home father and cryptocurrency trader and investor. Jamil believes his recovery experience will motivate fellow type-2 diabetics and cardiac patients to stand up for their lives and futures.  

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This book is very well written. He takes concepts that are hard to understand, and makes them simpler to grasp. I had no previous knowledge about blockchain tech, and now I have a better understanding of that and currency in general.

Amazon Customer 

Amazing book to review. Easy to understand and writing was inspirational. I would recommend for everyone to read the book. I wonder if this book can be made into a movie. 


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