A Sick Life: TLC ’n Me:

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This hardcover first edition of A Sick Life: TLC n' Me is personally autographed by Tionne Watkins ("T-Boz").

Hailed by Rolling Stone as “the most effervescent and soulful girl group anyone has seen since the Supremes,” five-time Grammy Award winning supergroup TLC has seen phenomenal fame and success. But backstage, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins has lived a dual life. In addition to the balancing act of juggling an all-consuming music career and her family, Tionne has struggled with sickle-cell disease since she was a young girl―a debilitating and incurable disease that can render her unable to perform, walk, or even breathe.

A Sick Life chronicles Tionne’s journey from a childhood spent in and out of the hospital, told she wouldn't live to see 30 or have children, to becoming the superstar musician who is still living out her life’s dream of performing. For the first time, Tionne will tell her full life story―the diagnosis, the tumultuous rise to fame, the life in the spotlight, and the hard-fought advocacy work. Through Tionne’s tough, funny, tell-it-like-it-is voice, you’ll see how the extraordinary singer and advocate found the inner strength, grit, and determination to live her dream―despite her often unpredictable and demanding health issues. She dives deep into never-before-told TLC stories, including accounts of her friendship with Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes and the tragedy of her death. Tionne’s unvarnished discussion of her disease, unending strength, and ability to power through the odds is a story like no other.

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Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins is the lead singer of the best selling female group TLC, known for their singles, “Waterfalls,” “No Scrubs,” “Creep,” and “Unpretty,” which all charted #1 on Billboard. Tionne is a national spokesperson for sickle cell disease. She lives in Los Angeles with her daughter, Chase, and son, Chance.


Loved it!!! I finally finished reading it and I must say it's the first book I've actually read since my purchase of Lil Mo's autobiography. With that being said, I knew I had to have this book because Tionne T-Boz Watkins is one of my favorite singers/entertainers of all time. Her realness is unmatched by any other entertainer; so many feel they have to put on a show at all times and be fake, but not T-Boz. She's always been open and honest about her struggles and flaws, thus writing the TLC hit "Unpretty". Growing up, TLC was a huge part of my childhood; you couldn't turn on your radio without hearing them, however it was something that always drew me to T-Boz. I must say, this young lady has endured and beat the odds. With everything she's had to deal with, she still continues to fight for her life, when many would have given up a long time ago. After reading this book, it's made me love her even more.
-JJ Evans

I could not put this book down. I went from laughing at the good times and the fights with the groupies from feeling her pain with the needles and the veins giving out. If you want to know about what it felt like to grow up before social media, this Book is for you. I've been a fan from the first single all the way until now. I own every CD that the group has made. I remember clearly the day the news came about Left eye passing away. Thanks Tionne for giving us a piece of your life. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for you next. I'm also looking forward to watching your future Big Screen Movies.

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