Trust-Based Leadership: Marine Corps Leadership Concepts For Today's Business Leaders

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Corporate America is experiencing a leadership crisis as thousands of senior leaders reach retirement age. Competition for vacant leadership roles will be fierce, but if you desire to serve in a leadership role or serve in more senior leadership roles, there’s a high probability that the opportunity will be yours for the taking!

The obvious question is…WILL YOU BE READY TO LEAD?

This 574 page book details how the author effectively adapted and applied Marine Corps leadership concepts while serving as a business leader—and how he leverages the Trust-Based Leadership™ model to help others become World-Class Leaders.


Mike Ettore distinguished record of providing effective leadership and achieving superior results in a wide range of challenging environments stems from his unique professional background. In addition to having retired as a Marine Corps Infantry officer and decorated combat leader, he also served successfully as a C-level executive in a publicly traded professional services firm with annual revenue in excess of $1 Billion. Over the course of both careers, Mike developed a reputation for being an exceptionally effective mentor and developer of leaders.

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