From Book to Movie: Ten of the Biggest Blockbusters (Part 1)

“Yeah, but the book was better than the movie” … ever heard that? Adapting stories from book to film – some successfu...

The How, When and Why of Copyrighting Your Book

Authors often ask whether they should copyright their book for protection against someone stealing their created work...

Monitoring Book Ads in Amazon

So, now that you know how to set up your ads, it’s time to ask yourself three questions. Am I making money? Am I esta...

Imagine: Your book launch massive and seamless — simultaneously debuting nationally in front of your audience before the ink dries

What would a winning book launch do for your book’s potential?  Your author brand potential?   We partner with author...

GetPublished Authors Take a Worldwide Tour

This year GetPublished's authored books travelled the globe to the most significant book shows in the world. Each sh...
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