Ten Things You Should Know to Get Published (Part 2)

Writing a book is both an author’s labor of love and a long journey. The adventure begins with your idea for a book a...

Ten Things You Should Know to Get Published (Part 1)

Whether you already have a manuscript you want to get in the hands of a publisher or you just have an idea for a book...

Introduction To Book Marketing

Book Marketing is all about the READER. So, ask yourself… Who is my audience? (assess your target market) How do THE...

Imagine: Keynotes to the right audiences—captive attendees from multiple organizations who receive marketing collateral about your keynote centered around your upcoming book launch.

FOR THE AUTHOR How do some authors/speakers manage to line up the biggest keynotes just when their book is about to d...

Imagine: Your book launch massive and seamless — simultaneously debuting nationally in front of your audience before the ink dries

What would a winning book launch do for your book’s potential?  Your author brand potential?   We partner with author...

GetPublished Authors Take a Worldwide Tour

This year GetPublished's authored books travelled the globe to the most significant book shows in the world. Each sh...
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