3 Things Successful People Do on the Daily

Over the past few years, Tim has interviewed almost 200 world-class performers, and he distilled all of these intervi...

What Does It Take to Finish Well? (Part 2)

Biblical faith  It’s often a challenge to base our identity in something we can’t see, isn’t it? It takes real faith ...

How to Become an Inspiration

One of the best ways to become an inspiration is by achieving your own goals. How many times have you watched a show ...

One Thing That Makes or Breaks a Leader

In my book, Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently, I share one of the mos...

Imagine: Your book launch massive and seamless — simultaneously debuting nationally in front of your audience before the ink dries

What would a winning book launch do for your book’s potential?  Your author brand potential?   We partner with author...

GetPublished Authors Take a Worldwide Tour

This year GetPublished's authored books travelled the globe to the most significant book shows in the world. Each sh...
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