Imagine: Your book launch massive and seamless — simultaneously debuting nationally in front of your audience before the ink dries

What would a winning book launch do for your book’s potential?  Your author brand potential?  

We partner with authors to create and tap an audience—to connect the potential buyers of your book directly with the bookseller to leverage your launch potential.  Our goal is to reach further than just typical launch management—our deep relationships enable us to create opportunities outside of what’s expected, to gain substantial traction within the critical “first 90 days” of your launch—or booksellers will send your book back to the publisher. 

Imagine: An absolute groundswell around your book—tapping primary, secondary, and even passive buyers. 

What could a viral web publicity strategy do for your book?  Chasing Good Morning America or The Oprah Winfrey Show is noble, but a powerful online Word-of-Mouth driven campaign will do something more powerful:  Pre-sell books prior to your book's on-sale date.  


  • Pre-sale launch campaigns:  creating a resource library that is available for free with the purchase of your book and then sending out hundreds of thousands of emails to drive potential buyers.
  • Article aggregation and distribution: pinpointing, and repositioning content as your e-arsenal, then strategically placing articles with key sites for maximum exposure, credibility, and viral capabilities. 
  • Video aggregation and distribution: identifying, editing and repositioning video content as your e-arsenal, then strategically placing it with key sites for maximum exposure, credibility, and viral capabilities.
  • Twitter campaigns and "follower" building—leveraging key "tweeters" and keywords to gain followers and construct powerful social platform
  • Blog optimization and traffic generation—filtering blog content, and concept to generate audience and return "relationship" following, through strategic repositioning, "teasing" and content leaders.
  • Facebook/LinkedIn campaigns—connecting your network with your "author brand" through social groups, campaigns, fangroups, and social associations.
  • Blogger tours—connecting your content, book, and author brand with the most followed bloggers in your industry.


Michael SticklerMichael Stickler is a principle at GETPUBLISHED an emerging powerhouse in publishing.  Our capabilities and relationships allow us to create targeted, integrated, campaigns that mobilize high-profile bloggers in your niche, capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing through social marketers, and extend your reach into the most prominent publications. FIND OUT MORE


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  • I am a writer. I have 3 novels and a poetic writing. I have not finished editing and going through it to check consistency and voice pattern. If I want to publish with you what would I do? Do you help new authors like me publish for free and pay royalties?

    Okon Ukeme Cornelius
  • I am interested in writing a book. I’d like to know what would be required fir me to do so?

    Derek A. Pruitt

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