Imagine: Keynotes To The Right Audiences—Captive Attendees From Multiple Organizations Who Receive Marketing Collateral About Your Keynote Centered Around Your Upcoming Book Launch.


How do some authors/speakers manage to line up the biggest keynotes just when their book is about to debut? 

GETPUBLISHED manages the book launch marketing for many of the world’s most sought-after thought leaders and authors. Our job is to launch top author’s books to the bestseller lists. One of the main tools we use is a lecture tour where the author speaks and trades their traditional fee for a guaranteed book purchase.

GETPUBLISHED partners with speaker bureaus to offer your clients keynotes from a noted authors at discounted rates that are delivered in the form of books purchased through New York Times reporting retailers. Top it off with GETPUBLISHED also ensuring you receive the full commission (our fee is paid by the author as part of our launch campaign).

GETPUBLISHED has long-standing relationships with 300+ speaker bureau agents.  Because of this, we’re able to leverage more engagements, higher fees, and perfectly positioned platforms to reach your desired target audiences.  


  • Platform/Event marketing—positioning you at premiere events through our networks of event influencers, and assisting in the planning and marketing execution to increase audience 
  • Bureau representation marketing—building brand awareness and relationships with many of our 300+ speaker bureau agent partnerships
  • Association/community marketing—identifying both visible and undiscovered groups to build brand awareness and increase opportunities
  • Organizational partnership marketing—identifying key companies to create audience-sharing promotional opportunities
  • Tour marketing—managing logistics and moving marketing mediums for maximum impact and exposure


Imagine: Your book in the hands of the industry’s best marketing and publicity campaign engineers

What could happen to your business if your book title became a household name?


Michael SticklerMichael Stickler is a principle at GETPUBLISHED an emerging powerhouse in publishing.  Our capabilities and relationships allow us to create targeted, integrated, campaigns that mobilize high-profile bloggers in your niche, capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing through social marketers, and extend your reach into the most prominent publications. FIND OUT MORE

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