Honoring with God with what is valuable - day 36

Do you ever find you sometimes treat the people you care most about worse than you treat people you barely know? For ...

You’re more blessed to give than to receive - day 32

Do you remember what Christmas morning felt like as a kid? Do you remember the excitement? Does the memory remind you...

Generosity and Hospitality: More than Writing a Check - day 26

You know, I talk about generosity a lot. One thing I’ve noticed is that when people hear about generosity, they think...

Life is More Than the Things We Own - day 21

What makes for a full life? Is it the home we live in? Is it the car we drive or the vacations we’ve been on? Few peo...

God Has Good Works for You to do in Your Lifetime - day 16

“What am I doing in life?” This is a question many people ask at many points in their lives. “Why am I here?” “What i...
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